The OptOSS Product Suite

OptOSS is an extremely powerful platform enabling the real-time monitoring of very large networked systems and huge volumes of streaming data. Developed over the last 5 years, the platform consists of several layers. The basis layer is Open-Source software and consists of a network management tool which collects, processes, and analyses networked IT systems. The AI layer integrates our patented technology and in-house developed software in order to deliver an enterprise-grade solution suited to monitor massive data streams, and provide actionable insights in real-time.



OptOSS Geospatial is built to aid disaster recovery efforts using geospatial data provided by satellites and in-situ sensor data. This product has gained traction both with the European Commission as well as the renowned IBM Watson AI XPrize competition.

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NG-NetMS is an Open-Source end-to-end network management platform which allows operators to automatically discover and audit their networks as well as collect and analyse streaming logs in real time.

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OptOSS AI is the cutting edge, enterprise-grade addition on top of NG-NetMS platform. It incorporates the use of patented technologies to allow for real-time anomaly detection, clustering, and delivery of actionable insights derived from massive data streams of critical infrastructures.

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